Vol. 17/1 (December 2016) cover

Migraciones peninsulares contemporáneas españolas e italianas hacia las regiones del Plata. Problemas y perspectivas de anàlisis para profundizar en su estudio  / Contemporary Spanish and Italian peninsular migrations to the Rio de la Plata regions. Problems and perspectives of analysis to deepen its study. (1st Online International Workshop, 20 April 2016),  Coordinadores / Coordinators Luciano Gallinari and Marcela Lucci

The present Booklet of RiMe includes a year of work on the topic of Italian and Spanish emigration in the Rio de la Plata between the end of the nineteenth century and the mid-twentieth century. Within the ethnic multiplicity of the immigrants’ contingent received by the Río de la Plata area during the stated period, the Italian and the Spanish one are the two most numerous and dynamic groups. A year started by the 1st Online International Workshop “Migraciones peninsulares contemporáneas hacia las regiones del Plata. Problemas y perspectivas de anàlisis para profundizar en su estudio”, which was held on April 20, 2016 organised by the ISEM-CNR and the IUHJVV of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and coordinated by Luciano Gallinari and Marcela Lucci.

Published: 2016-12-31