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Vol. 12/III n.s. (June 2023)

Per i Settecento anni del Regno di Sardegna. 

L’ordine politico-istituzionale tra continuità e innovazione

   For the Seven Hundred Years of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

The political-institutional order between continuity and innovation

A cura di / Edited by 

Miquel Fuertes Broseta, Lluís J. Guia Marín,

Maria Grazia R. Mele, Giovanni Serreli


The year 2023 marks the seven hundredth anniversary of the landing in Sardinia of the Infante Alfonso in command of the Aragonese troops. After a year of military campaign, on 19 June 1324 the Kingdom of 'Sardinia and Corsica' was definitively realised, later the Kingdom of Sardinia since the conquest of Corsica, repeatedly planned, was never realised.
In fact, while the occupation of Pisan territories in Sardinia began in 1323, the institutionalisation of the new Kingdom began in 1324.
From a strictly legal point of view, the bond with the Crown of Aragon had already existed since 1297, when Pope Boniface VIII enfeoffed the Regnum Sardiniae et Corsicae to King James II the Just.
In order to reflect on the historical, cultural, and social significance of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the Scientific Committee wished to extend the analysis to the early 18th century when the Sardinian Kingdom was freed from the Crown of Aragon and the Hispanic Monarchy to be ceded to the House of Savoy.
The approximately fifty contributions are divided into four substantial fascicles. In this issue, 12 (June 2023) the first two are published. In December 2023, the other two.

Published: 2023-06-30

RiMe 12/III n.s. (June 2023). Special Issue

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