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RiMe 14/I n.s. (June 2024)

Governare l’ospedale. Modelli, regolamenti e pratiche tra XII e XVII secolo / Governing the Hospital. Models, rules and practices between 12th and 17th centuries

A cura di / Edited by Antoni Conejo da Pena - Mariangela Rapetti

The history of hospitals has always been marked by complex relations with institutions, and has gone through important moments of transformation, sometimes of rupture, but above all of reform. We are by no means dealing with a motionless and homogeneous entity, on the contrary: the hospital is an entity that varies, and for this reason it must be studied in a special way according to its geopolitical and, of course, chronological reality.
Over the last few decades, European hospital history studies have undergone new and important developments, the steps forward of which are marked by major works, wide-ranging research projects and international conferences. We can certainly mention the activities of the International Network for the History of Hospitals (INHH), which arose in 1999 and organises an international meeting every two years.
The present issue of RiMe. Magazine of the Institute of Mediterranean European History hosts some of the contributions among those presented at the 11th Abrils de l'Hospital symposium, which took place in Cagliari on 6 and 7 June 2022 in the conference room of the current Hostel Marina, the former Sant'Antonio abate hospital,
Scholars from different regions of Italy, Spain and Portugal, including a number of young PhD students and neo-PhDs, enriched the Abrils de l'Hospital panorama with original contributions, innovative research perspectives and new study projects

Published: 2024-06-30

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