Vol. 1 (December 2008) cover

Mentalità e prassi mercantili tra Mediterraneo e Atlantico (XV-XVIII sec.) / Mentality and commercial practices between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic (15th-18th centuries). A cura di / Edited by Grazia Biorci - Pierangelo Castagneto

This volume contains the proceedings of the Conference Mentalità e prassi mercantili tra Mediterraneo e Atlantico (XV-XVIII sec.) - "Mentality and commercial practices between the Mediterranean and Atlantic (15th-18th centuries)" organised in Genoa in March 2008, which wanted to verify the extent and developement of some of the new historiographic lines of research, and to be a simple and starting reconnaissance of the different mentalities and practices of commercial exchanges and of the peculiarities of some Mediterranean phenomena: codes of conduct, shared assumptions at the basis of negotiations; modalities, languages, laws, and the insurances that belonged to the whole varied community operating in that Sea in the early Modern Age.

Published: 2008-12-31

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