L’empremta catalana en la cultura sarda. História, institucions, art, llengua i tradicions populars

The Catalan mark in the Sardinian culture. History, institutions, art, language and popular traditions

  • Esther Martí Sentañes CNR - Istituto di Storia dell'Europa Mediterranea
Keywords: Kingdom of Sardinia, Crown of Aragon, Principality of Catalonia, Kingdom of Valencia, Catalan Culture, Sardinian Culture, Regno di Sardegna, Corona d'Aragona, Principato di Catalogna, Regno di Valencia, Cultura catalana, Cultura sarda


From the arrival of the Catalano-Aragonese to Sardinia in 1323, their culture will be completely present in the island for four centuries, lasting fully during the Spanish rule, since the union of the Catholic Monarchs did not represent any This type of break from the institutional, artistic, linguistic and cultural point of view, and Sardinia continued within the political and cultural sphere of the Crown of Aragon. Thanks to this continuity over the centuries, it is possible to deepen the knowledge of the Catalan presence on the island from the Middle Ages to the present, in order to deepen more carefully and with more precision in the various elements which are considered to be of Catalan origin through a comparative analysis with those same elements already existing in other territories of the Crown of Aragon and in particular in the Principality of Catalonia and the Kingdom of Valencia

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